Frequently Asked Questions


How much will the bizmuniCF service cost?

While there is always room for both system and fulfillment  customization, our standard service is based on active business licenses on the anniversary of the contract start.  The set-up fee of $1,995.00 is standard for all municipalities.  The annual rate is scaled as follows:

  • For your first 1-300 active licenses: $15 per biz 
  • The next 301 to 500 active licenses: $13 per biz
  • The next 501 and beyond active licenses:  $10 per biz      


Can we see the bizmuni system in action?

Absolutely!  We're eager to take you inside the system and answer your questions.  Because we handle both contact and fulfillment, we've developed our unique system with your businesses in mind.  To set up a "tour" simply use the "Contact Us" form and we'll set up a virtual walk-through at your convenience.


How long does it take to transition our current process to bizmuniCF?

Because we take on all contact support and fulfillment in addition to license processing, there is a transition process (which we can walk you through when we do a virtual walk-through with you).  Assuming there is no customization beyond branding, license types and license costs, your system can be up and fully operational within 30 days.  We even provide transition announcements and links for your website in addition to "Go To" cards and instruction collateral.